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Formed in the spring of 2008, ofHuman quickly established a strong foothold in the Columbus music scene. Practicing daily in a 10’x15’ basement, Josh Mason, Adam Gilbert, Stephen Simmons, and Dave Tipple began forging their distinct sound, building songs around vocal hooks, big guitars, and a powerfully effective rhythm section. With a strong D.I.Y. attitude, ofHuman began promoting at the street level. After months of hard work building personal relationships with venue owners and club-goers, as well as the spreading word of their live abilities, the band drew 600 people to their first headliner.

At this point ofHuman felt confident enough to enter the studio for their first full length album. Recording ten songs in less than 100 hours at Sonic Lounge Studios in Grove City, Ohio, “…All The Plastic Arts” was released in January of 2010. The new material gained the guys respect from fans, venue owners, and music critics, making it clear that they are not to be overlooked. Throughout 2010 ofHuman shared the stage with numerous national acts including Taproot, Sevendust, All That Remains, Smashmouth, Saving Jane, and many more. Although not always a perfect fit for the bill, the Ohio Rock foursome is able to win over fans at whatever shows they play.

The attention they received from “…A.T.P.A.” was not limited to members of the local music circles. During 2010 drummer Adam Gilbert was able to attract the business of Chicago Custom Percussion, Soultone Cymbals, and Silverfox Drumsticks. Their continued support of the band helped to fuel a product that in July of 2010, caught the eye of Crushtone Records (Jim Wirt i.e. Incubus, Hoobastank, Fiona Apple, etc.). After the guys released the information to the public of their label showcase, 150 dedicated fans came out to a small club on Ohio State’s Campus on a Tuesday night to support the band. Waiting until a late 1:30a.m. set, ofHuman and their loyal fans made a lasting impression on label president Randy Chase. Soon thereafter ofHuman entered Closer Look Studios in Cleveland, Ohio, with Crushtone and producer/owner Jim Wirt to record their first label released EP.



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