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Growing up in a musically inclined family has definitely put Mary Cushman on the road to success. At the age of three Mary started playing piano with her mother who raised Mary and her siblings in an environment where music surrounded them in every way. Piano, vocals and music theory was taught to the Cushmans while being homeschooled which obviously contributed to Mary’s unmistakable talent.

Mary began to get very serious about music when she was 15 years old. Mary Cushman, who has evolved into Mary Mee, started out writing songs that had a lot of emotion in them, songs that almost sounded angry, but is not developing music that can have a more positive outcome. Still singing about heartache, break-ups and being mistreated, newest project, and soon to be released EP “Dumb” is a remind to herself, and girls everywhere to not let dumb things happen over and over again. Mary’s solo debut album is being released by Cleveland based record label Crushtone Music, and was produced by Jim Wirt.


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